As an important national financial infrastructure under the People's Bank of China, Shanghai Clearing House (SHCH) is the only CCP in China’s interbank market, the first qualified CCP approved by Chinese regulators and one of the three institutions for bond issuance, registration and custody in China. In November 2009, SHCH was founded to implement the international commitments of the G20 Pittsburgh Summit, respond to the international financial crisis and support the construction of Shanghai as an international financial center. Since then, SHCH has received regulatory recognition by multiple jurisdictions including the EU, the UK and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, and has been highly recognized by international organizations such as IMF and the World Bank; it is the only financial institution winning the Shanghai Mayor's Quality Award and the 4th China Quality Award, and also one of the first batch of domestic financial infrastructure winning the Asia Risk Award.

SHCH simultaneously pushes forward the two-pillar business of clearing and custody. It has successfully introduced the CCP clearing mechanism in the interbank market and established a risk management system meeting the highest international standard and the strictest specification to provide the unified and professional central clearing service to five categories of products– bonds, interest rates, foreign exchange(FX), credit and commodities; it has innovatively developed and consistently improved bond-related services, providing one-stop solution that contains bid-based issuance, registration, custody, clearing and settlement for financial bonds, non-financial corporate bonds, money market instruments, and warrant-type credit derivatives.

SHCH has taken the initiative to participate in international financial governance and promoted to the release of "Shanghai Clearing Standard" (Template for Public Quantitative Disclosures for CCPs) by collaborating with the Global Association of Central Counterparties (CCPG), which is widely adopted by international peers accounting for over 99% business of the global markets; it has actively carried out international cooperation and creatively introduced a multitude of cross-border services, including Yulan Bond, Bond Connect and Swap Connect, to serve the construction of Shanghai international financial center and financial opening-up.